Save Lives,  Free Speech, Stop Lockdowns

The Welsh government’s restrictive coronavirus measures are destructive to our well-being and socially corrosive.

They are also unlawful. These rules issued by diktat violate international protocols designed to protect basic rights and liberties of all people.

This imposed medical tyranny is costing lives and livelihoods. It must be removed – never to return.

We aim to completely remove these unwarranted intrusions on our most basic freedoms by removing those politicians from office who actively (or passively by silence) support this abomination.

Evidence, not Fear


On 19 March 2020 Public Health England downgraded the seriousness of SARS CoV2 to the ballpark of flu due to “motality rates (low overall)”. Despite this, lockdowns were introduced a few days later.

A case in point: The 2nd oldest person in the world, a 117 year old Frenchwoman, caught and survived covid-19 with only a few sniffles.


Despite an excess of non-covid-19 deaths in care homes in April 2020 largely due to government instructions to empty hospitals of old people and issue blanket DNS orders, last year placed 9th for overall deaths per capita over the past 20 years.


If there is any crises in the NHS it is due to a severe reduction in hospital beds over the past 20 years. No crises has been brought about by excessive  covid-19 cases, seasonal flue, or any other illness.


All studies comparing the impact of covid-19 between lockdown countries and no lockdown countries show that lockdowns do not in any way decrease illness or deaths from covid-19. On the contrary, research show that shutting down our economy, schools and social life is expected to dramatically increase illness, poverty, destitution and premature death over the coming years.


Mass testing of the population producing “cases” is meaningless. PCR tests has been identified as unreliable. The only measure that need inform government policy is the numbers of seriously ill and dying from covid-19.


There is NO evidence that asymptomatic (healthy) people spread coronavirus. The belief that healthy people can be carriers and spreaders of disease has been fabricated to spread fear and control people. The reasoning behind masks, social distancing, and restriction of movement of healthy people is anti-science and anti-social.

Stop Lockdowns, Stop Censorship, Save Lives

The threat of lockdowns, restrictive measures on our rights to live freely, and an ever increasing surveillance police state will only be lifted by removing the politicians in Cardiff Bay who support (vocally or through their silence) and promote these draconian and destructive policies.

That includes most of them. They appear to be intoxicated on their new found powers over people – despite the evidence and official reports revealing the destructive effects of these policies on both physical and mental health.

Our aim is to challenge and overcome this corrosive political consensus in Cardiff Bay by the force of enough people refusing to comply in our own demise.