1. Introduction
2. Our Principles
2. Our Policies
4. Conclusion


No More Lockdowns is opposed to the panicked and irrational response to Covid-19 – now widely acknowledged to be a failed experiment fuelled more by fear than science and reasoned debate.
These restrictive measures are also unlawful contravening internationally agreed protocols designed to prevent governments ever repeating medical atrocities practised in the past.
We need to return to sanity and science based on open debate and discussion, not on censorship or distorted government/mainstream fear-driven narratives.
It’s not just about freedom and quality of life. It’s also about saving lives. The long-term effects of lockdowns are almost too horrendous to contemplate when factoring in mass starvation and a growing wave of otherwise preventable premature deaths as concluded by a number of well researched risk-assessments studies. See: Evidence Not Fear
The political consensus that supports on and off again lockdowns to slow down virus transmission (with a 99.8% – 99.9% survival rate) is complicit in manslaughter.
Our message is clear: We must stop this insanity now. Rhyddid Nid Gormes.

Our Principles

Freedom of Speech

Democracy and Science can only function if free and open debate on controversial topics are allowed to occur.
Since lockdowns were introduced in March 2020, we have witnessed increasing censorship by governments, mainstream media, and web-based social platforms.
When only one perspective is allowed to be broadcast, and facts and figures are deliberately misrepresented or suppressed to bolster that perspective, it corrupts both science and the democratic process.

Genuine Democracy

Democracy is based on the Principle that the People are Sovereign. Genuine democracy serves the people – not politicians or elites. Over the decades we have witnessed politics being increasingly removed from the wishes and needs of the people. Transparency and accountability in politics have been diminished.
Genuine democracy seeks ways to put the people back in control. Democratic government is the people’s servant, not its master. We aim to restore that relationship and restore government to being administrators of the general will.

Our Position

1. We reject the use of unproven (and failed) experiments of lockdowns resulting in the suspension of our most basic civil liberties in reaction to a coronavirus. We urge the government to return to the established Pandemic Strategy that underscores the importance of disrupting civil life as little as possible.
2. All medical (pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical) interventions (including masks, social distancing, ban on gatherings, travel restrictions, forced isolation, etc.) should only take place with informed consent. No coercion, real or implied should be exerted to ensure compliance.
3. The rights of liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of private property, freedom of association, are inalienable and can never be lawfully removed. Any attempt for governments to override these rights are unlawful and contemptible.
4. We condemn the creeping surveillance state and censorship undermining and threatening our fundamental freedoms and rights.
5. We promote participatory democracy in which citizens retain the power to remove unwanted government measures via ballots or demand citizen-led referendums. Government measures that people might want to be reconsidered may include:
– Introduction of compulsory sex education to young children
– Undemocratic and harmful elements of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030
– Mass immigration “Nation of Sanctuary” plans
– Impact of telecommunications without safety assessments eg. EMF pollution
Other concerns as they are brought to our attention for open public debate, deliberations, and decision-making.



The political consensus in Cardiff Bay is driven by fear, confusion, commercial interests and misinformation. We, on the other hand, are driven by science and open rational debate based on the principles of free speech forming the cornerstone of a genuine democracy.