Who we are

No More Lockdowns Wales is a coming together of concerned and conscientious citizens alarmed by the false narratives and destructive hysteria surrounding covid-19.

The mainstream media and government-fuelled fears about a SARS CoV2 have turned out to be misguided. (On 19 March 2020 Public Health England downgraded the threat of SARS CoV2 to the region of influenza due to its “low overall mortality”.)

As revealed by Welsh government data, a large proportion of excess deaths in care homes was due to government measures, not Covid-19.

A virus with a 99.8% survival rate may justify the use of the long established pandemic response plans ensuring appropriate measures and keeping in focus the well-being and continued functioning of society.

It does not justify lockdowns, an experimental policy first instituted by Chinese Communist Party. Lockdowns have been statistically proven to have little to no effect on the numbers of people becoming infected with viruses. The effects of lockdowns, if anything, are proving to be harmful to our health and society.

The panicked madness and fuelling of national hysteria must stop. Science and commonsense must prevail. Numerous studies show that the consequences of carrying on down this road of lockdowns and social restrictions will result in more death and destruction in the medium and long term.

Our message is simple:

Commonsense Not Panic

Stop Lockdowns

Save Lives

 We stand with the UK Medical Freedom Alliance and many other experts in the field of disease control in saying enough is enough to this dangerous failed experiment called lockdown.

Join us in our return to sanity.

No More Lockdowns intends to contest the South Wales East and South Wales Central Regions only and a number on constituencies scattered throughout Wales.